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International Artists Support Group

IASG is an independent non-profit organization composed of visual artists around the world providing mutual support, exchanging ideas and opportunities.


In 1992, Margo Arnold founded the International Artists Support Group (IASG) as a vehicle for displaying the works of U.S. and international artists as well as her own. The first two chapters were created in Washington, DC and Australia. The creation of a chapter in Denmark followed. Margo Arnold’s development activities include the following:

  • In December, 2011, Margo was again elected president of IASG and chairman of the Washington Color School Project Advisory Board.
  • Served as Executive Director of IASG for 15 years (1993 – 2008), as president of IASG for one term (1993), and acting president for half a term (2004).
  • Enrolled 300 artists originating from Denmark, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Estonia, South Africa, and Australia.
  • Organized exhibits in the United States at Mount Vernon College, Washington, DC; in St. Petersburg, Russia; in New Delhi, India; in Cairo, Egypt; and in Beijing, China.
  • Communicated IASG goals with staffs of foreign embassies, leading to a 1998 exhibition of South African art work.
  • Developed and trained a board of directors and regional directors drawn from the IASG membership database and the Washington arts community.
  • Designed and implemented a donor campaign.