Washington, DC
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“I decided I NEEDED a Vee Zee when #1 came to me in a dream. Over time, I had seen the paintings, particularly #1, in Margo’s condo and on her website. When I thought about making a room warmer, more exciting, more expressive of passion in life, #1 came to me in a dream. I emailed Margo the next day and arranged to buy this beautiful work that has a totally different style from anything else in my home. Now, a few short weeks later, Vee Zee #1 sets the tone for a room!”

“Margo’s work is both striking and fun. My favorites are the “VZ’s” which are both striking and colorful and provide several variations on a theme. Her work is clearly influenced by the Washington Color School and Washington. Washington “insiders” will recognize that “VZ” is symbolic of Veazey Street or Veazey Terrace, the street on which the artist lives.”
-Curtis D. Rooney

“Margo’s paintings are rare indeed. For me they are both bold and brazen, yet playful and whimsical. Her ability to capture the essence of a scene with so few brushstrokes is amazing. The magnitude of what I see, hear and feel as my eyes take in the lines, curves and colors of her artistry tells me she paints from her soul which is an accomplishment many artists are unable to achieve.”
-Sandy Maynard

“I saw “Tree Floating” and knew I had to have it.  My favorite color is orange!! It is fun and bold and at the same time calming.  The extraordinary art from the color field movement is so well captured in Margo’s capacity to portray both light and color and in a way which literally both calms and excites me.  I love to look at this painting as it has such a positive effect on me.  I have placed it center, to look at, every day.”
-Janet Paz-Castillo