Consultant and Curator
for Artists, Collectors, and Organizations

Margo Arnold’s career in marketing, non-profit management and the arts makes her a unique and effective advocate for:

  • Artists who want to sell their work
  • Collectors who want to make a personal statement in their homes or offices, and
  • Galleries and organizations who want to build an audience

For her artist clients, Margo provides the kind one-on-one guidance and teaching that you just don’t get in art school:

  • How to cultivate opportunities through outreach and networking (digitally and face to face)
  • Using social media and the Internet to connect with fans, collectors, and other resoures
  • Tracking promotional efforts and closing the sale
Old painter box with brushes and stencils, Montmartre, Paris

Collector clients find Margo’s experience as an artist and curator invaluable when they want to:

  • Build a collection that reflects their taste and style, without breaking the budget
  • Learn about emerging artists and add new work to their holdings

Galleries and organizations use Margo’s marketing and promotional skills to create, promote, and profit ” from events that build audiences and sustain them in their mission.

Margo is the author of Shameless Self-Promotion, a collection of tips and tricks learned over a career in sales and marketing. She was also the founder of the International Artists Support Group (IASG), an arts non-profit that has successfully staged shows for its member artists across the U.S. and in over a dozen cities around the world. She is also a painter and collagist whose work has been exhibited in venues across the US and abroad.

Margo is a unique consultant curator coach who combines business acumen, an artist’s eye, and a passion for helping her clients succeed.

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