Million Dollar Saleswoman Reveals the System That Made Her a Success

Shameless Self‐Promotion ‐‐ Available Now!

A successful sales professional is poised and prepared to act when an opportunity appears. They shrug off objections and rejections and focus on the next call ‐‐ the one that will make their week, their month, their quarter.

For some people, the skills and the mindset seem to come naturally. But what about the rest of us? How can we get what it takes to succeed?

For the rest of us, master salesperson Margo Arnold has published Shameless Self‐ Promotion: a battle‐tested, refined plan to help anyone sell anything!

Shameless Self‐Promotion captures four decades of experience and success in sales. In it, Margo Arnold defines the key practices. These are the habits and actions anyone can use to develop a pipeline of new business and returning customers ‐‐ customers who not only come back for more but who bring their own friends and colleagues with them!

Here are just two of the sales success secrets you’ll find in Shameless Self‐Promotion:

  • Relationships: how to become that trusted advisor clients buy from and recommend to their friends and family.
  • Velocity: How to gain and maintain forward momentum ‐‐ mental, emotional and logistic motion that builds confidence and leads to more sales.

Shameless Self‐Promotion is available now.  CLICK HERE  for more info and to order.  Cover Download.

Margo is also available to speak to groups about Shameless Self‐Promotion and her motivational practice, The Three Ts: Turning Tragedy into Triumph.

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