Filling the Room

Margo marketed Clark V. Fox’s panel discussion to 20,000 prospective attendees six times. She almost did too good a job, because we approached exceeding our capacity. Of course, the three speakers were thrilled with the results. Margo is a master at “filling the room.”

Jack Rasmussen
Curator, American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC

Full Command of Marketing Expertise

Margo is in full command of marketing expertise for all artists. She is always on point about how to pursue the next prospect
with tact and persuasion. She is methodical and detailed in her pursuits. I heartily recommend her as
a coach and promoter for artists at all levels of development.

Judith Smith Hogan

Immensely effective marketing

Margo was Director of Marketing at Snelling, in which capacity she was immensely effective at generating leads for job openings for those of us involved in recruiting. Without her work in a highly competitive environment, there would have been few positions for us to fill, either temporary or, in my case, permanent.

As a colleague, Margo was all one could ask for, and we have continued to maintain a social relationship since we both left Snelling.

R. Peter Wolf, Ph.D.
Peter Wolf & Associates, Bethesda, MD

Diligent Sales

Margo is one of the most diligent sales people I have run across in three decades of running my own company. In addition, she is very personable and right on top of all the little details. I cannot speak highly enough of Margo whom I have known for many decades.

Mariana Field Hoppin
MFH Travel Marketing, New York, NY

World-class visionary

Margo is a world-class visionary and wonderful person to work with on any project local or international.

Daniel Shay
National Gallery of Art

Skilled leader

Margo was such a delight to work with and I would like to especially highlight her skills as a leader as she was leading a group of very famous artists from North America

Ankur Khanna
Tristar Holidays, Delhi, India